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Balfour Homes Beats the Trend and Celebrates a New Financial Year with an Expansion to South Australia and Sydney and a Record Breaking 38 Sales

At Balfour Homes we were so excited to close out our first full financial year with another record-breaking month.


Head of Research at CoreLogic, Eliza Owen, spoke about the housing market during the pandemic and with particular focus on how the new Delta strain has affected sales. 


“It is true that demand takes a hit during lockdowns” she said. “There was a lot of uncertainty amid stage two restrictions nationally last year, and sentiment for housing market outcomes plummeted. But supply also declined, because sellers and agents knew it may not be the best time to market property. That helped to balance out the overall effect on prices.” Said Eliza.


However, here at Balfour, we were able to beat the odds. 


“We have absolutely smashed it. In July we had a record breaking sales month with 38 customers getting their dream homes.” Said Balfour Homes’ Director Jimmy Mullany.


“Our unique proposition and streamlined way to buy houses is the way of the future, and I think that this proves it.” Jimmy said of the tech advanced way that Balfour deals with home buying.


Not only is the proof in the reco​​rd-breaking sales month, but it’s the expansion that we are seeing at lightening speed.


Since starting the business in January 2020, Balfour Homes has gone from two staff up to 22 full-time employees on their books.


Although the headquarters remains in Byron Bay, there has since been a Sydney office and most recently an Adelaide office added to the offerings. And in October of 2021, plans to open a Gold Coast office will come to fruition. 


From the humble beginnings in Byron to a national footprint, it’s Balfour Homes’ unique perspective and top-of-the-line customer service that sees us continuing to smash records and break barriers.


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