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OCTOBER 5, 2020

How introducing a ‘laughable goals’ policy saw Balfour Homes’ sales grow 2000% in three months

SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

3 ways to find the ‘sweet spot’ between tech and being human in your business

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

Let’s Talk: The Right Reasons

AUGUST 14, 2020

Proptech launched to help renters get into homes faster

AUGUST 12, 2020

ICYMI: Startup Daily TV, Tuesday – lean startups, proptech, going carbon neutral, and helping businesses thrive

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Its Tax Time

For some of you it feels although Christmas has come early when a juicy tax rebate hits your bank account. Whether it’s a big or small amount, we know that navigating through your tax return can be tedious, and the […]

A future city unfolding today

What’s all the fuss about? A  four part series of Balfour Homes most enquired about land estates this year   For the thrill seekers, for those with sneakers; for the family makers and opportunity takers; for the little groms and […]

Pebble Creek, South Maclean What’s all the fuss about?   A four-part series of Balfour Homes most enquired about land estates this year Receiving numerous enquiries and catching the eyes of our young family and first home buyers, this week […]

We interrupt this broadcast… with some expected news

This week we put our 4 part series; ‘what’s all the fuss about’; on hold as the nation is hit with some inevitable news that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has raised the cash rate target.   In a […]

Balfour Homes on Ticker TV morning show

Why our customers LOVE Lendlease’s estate in Yarrabilba

“My customers love what Lendlease are proactively doing in Yarrabilba for the community”  Cody McNally, Sales representative at Balfour Homes tells us what his customers are loving most about Lendlease’s Yarrabilba. Read on to find out!  On the agenda this […]

Why now is the right time to build your own home

Undoubtedly, if you are looking to buy in the Brisbane area, it will come with no surprise that recent CoreLogic figures show Brisbane as the national leader on price growth, with house prices growing a monumental 32.75% in the past […]

Still renting in 2022? Brace yourselves…

‘In case of emergency landing…rental crisis, lean forward, put your head between your legs and BRACE’… yourselves if you aren’t already considering getting yourself on the property ladder this year.    With a downward trend of rental availability across Australia, […]

Pre-Approval: your first step to opening your new front door

In lending, the Pre-Approval is the pre-qualification for a loan. It’s a formal statement acknowledging how much the bank has agreed to lend you, based on the review of your financial situation. Sounds pretty important right?  YES, it is! And […]

Out with the OLD and in with the NEW-BUILD

Buying a home is not just a financial transaction; there are a multitude of steps from the moment you embark on your property search to the final glorious moments of picking up the keys!  Due to the magnitude of work […]

Five reasons to stop paying for your landlord’s mortgage and start the process of getting into your own home

1. Comparable costs of renting and mortgaging. Renting has never been more expensive. In fact, across some regional areas of Australia, it is actually cheaper to pay a weekly mortgage! Even within the city suburbs; where rent and mortgage payments […]

Do You Know Your Borrowing Capacity?

You wouldn’t go to the grocery store without knowing how much you have to spend on food, why would you start looking for a home without knowing what your budget is?   When you feel ready to buy a home, […]

Balfour Homes Beats the Trend and Celebrates a New Financial Year with an Expansion to South Australia and Sydney and a Record Breaking 38 Sales

At Balfour Homes we were so excited to close out our first full financial year with another record-breaking month.   Head of Research at CoreLogic, Eliza Owen, spoke about the housing market during the pandemic and with particular focus on […]

Balfour Extends its Services With New Adelaide Office

Balfour Homes has gone from strength to strength in 2021. And we’re not surprised. Balfour Homes has been able to do the unthinkable and streamline the home buying process.   We had our humble beginnings in Byron Bay only at […]

Brisbane Property Market to Surge in Response to 2032 Olympic Bid Win

It was the news that could really put Brisbane on the map. With the announcement of the capital of the sunshine state announced as the winner of the 2032 Summer Olympics, we’re looking at a huge increase of buyers in […]

What Will Australia’s 2021 Property Market Bring Us?

From the year that was to the year that will be. 2020 proved to be tough in markets globally and locally. From an announced recession to a rise in unemployment rates, all the experts had scoped that 2020 would be […]

How to Make Your Brand-New Apartment Feel Like Home

You’ve finally found an apartment and you’ve moved in — congratulations! You worked with the right home purchasing company and you’ve found the perfect apartment for you. Your next challenge right now is to make your new apartment feel like […]

4 Useful Tips For Designing A Luxury Home

Designing a new house is an arduous task on its own, and you can expect more challenges if you plan to conceptualise a luxury home. You need to have access to the best housing advice and experts to execute all […]

The Benefits of Moving into a Newly Constructed Apartment

It’s arguably human nature to want all the shiny and new things, especially when it comes to real estate. A charming old apartment in the suburbs is one for the books, but everything pales in comparison to a newly-built apartment. […]

Why Apartments Are Ideal For A Busy Lifestyle

Most people dreamt of living in giant mansions and having posh vacation homes while growing up. The idea of having tons of space, plenty of rooms to occupy, and a beautiful garden with a pool strikes many people as the […]

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