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3 Reasons to Buy Land and Build Your Custom Home

As a would-be homeowner, there’s nothing more exciting than moving forward with the biggest investment in your life. You’re closer than ever to having the keys to your dream home, but before anything else, there are some questions you need to consider: is it worth buying an existing house or go all the way in building a custom home?

Many people have endless pins of their dream home on Pinterest, but the extra steps, considerations, and expenses it takes make existing homes an easier choice. However, there are also ways to simplify the process and make it more efficient. It’s an effort worth taking if you want to tailor your home-living experience down to the dot.

If you’re wondering if building a custom home is the right fit for you, the list below explores how it can be a rewarding choice:


Benefit #1: Build Your Dream Home Around Your Budget

One of the major misconceptions about building a custom home versus renovating an existing one is that the latter seems more pocket-friendly. The reality is that the cost-per-square-foot basis of your fix-me-uppers has steeper prices than new construction, primarily because builders are restricted within the existing structure.

It forces designers and builders alike to make compromises, especially when there are underlying problems with the old structure. Starting from scratch, on the other hand, can be budget-friendly since you can allocate all your resources efficiently.

Scheduling is also easier, but the freedom to adjust where you need to makes it the best choice for your pockets in the long haul.


Benefit #2: Customise the Design According to Your Taste

Seeing as you’re building from the ground up, every design choices can be tailor-made according to your style and needs. From the energy-efficiency of your appliances, window treatments, to the layout of the rooms, every choice is up to you.

Not only will this give you more room to beautify your space’s decor down to the last detail, but every unique choice can enhance your lifestyle. Be it going for an open plan for better interaction with family, or having dedicated spaces for home offices, entertainment rooms, and more.


Benefit #3: Stand the Test of Time

Existing homes can see plenty of renovations and mini make-overs through the years, especially as you try to adjust it according to your current lifestyle. Building a custom home, on the other hand, follows a plan that can meet your needs – from the right number of bedrooms, bespoke furniture, fittings, and well-manicured landscaping. Either way, building the home of your dreams ensures you never have to revamp or move again in the long run.


The Bottom Line: Settling Down in Your Dream Home for the Long Haul

Looking to make one of the biggest moves of your life? Constructing your home is like building your dreams, so ensuring it follows your vision is crucial if you want to live in a space that suits your style and lifestyle. The process is complex, but our expert home builders at Balfour Homes can take the drudgery away by providing a multifaceted home purchasing experience.


We can help you find the ideal land and connect you with developers, designers, or even the right mortgage to make it all possible, so get in touch with us today to see how we can help make your dreams into reality.

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