You've taken the first steps to building your own home!

Kiss goodbye to throwing away your money renting, and kiss hello to joining the Property Ladder*.

*(Not a real Ladder)

You’ve already begun the journey by responding to one of our Ads, Go you!

Sit back, let us do all the work for you, and look out for that life-changing phone call!


So what happens next… ?




Soon you’ll get a call from one of our customer support experts (super nice Gals & Guys), They’ll confirm some details and book you in with one of our Property Specialists (That’s when it gets fun!).


Our specialists are among the 1% of Real Estate Pros that are actually up to date with all of the available Government Grants… yep, those grants!


Depending on your location there is up to $60,000 immediately available to you! (Wow? Yeah. Wow.)


Soon after you’ll be chatting with one of our in house Finance Managers, (Also super nice people). They will walk you through your finance options.


Thanks to those government grants (And a few hundred hours of training) we are one of the only companies that can offer ZERO DEPOSIT home loans.



From there? 


It’s Just a little  1, 2, 3!


1. We develop a custom home and land package, designed around your budget and dream preferences (Seriously? Seriously!. Want some Fancy Faucets? We got you covered).


Mmmhhmm, and then what? 


2. We take care of everything, we make sure you get the best finance package, we negotiate the best land costs, and organise everything with the builder.


… and then…


3. It’s time to pack! (oh, and actually build a house), Kiss goodbye to throwing away money renting, and kiss hello to joining the Property Ladder*.

*(Not a real Ladder)